Odd Age Meet

This is our club’s major source of fundraising for the season. So, it helps us, as a club, for us all to participate in some manner. There are a variety of avenues each family may take to achieve our goal. All CAC athletes 13 & U are expected to participate in this meet.

Script Program/ Team FundraiserScrip

This is one of the club's major fundraisers besides the Odd Age Meet.   Script – each family is asked to raise $50, this is paid in advance; Club retains all profits until the $50 requirement. After that the profit is split between the club and family.  Script is like substitute money in the form of gift cards.   Restaurants/fast food places, gas stations, clothing stores, hotels, food stores, etc. offer script opportunities.   Great way to buy for holidays and/or birthdays.Example – if you were to get $100 for Giant, $4 comes back - $2 to team, $2 to your use for team payment, suits, etc. 

Karen Johnson is in-charge of program - she can answer any questions. 
  • Karen’s email –
  • Phone # - 267-250-6465