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CAC quick update 10-11-2016

posted Oct 11, 2016, 3:29 PM by CAC Webmaster
Hello all,

A few things I missed from this weeks update.

1st- For time trials and parents meeting night, Monday October 17th.
There will only be ONE TIME for the parents meeting with time trials
staring at 6 pm that night for all swimmers. I did not put two and two
together for the start time of time trials and he parents meeting
part- my mistake.

2nd- The boys locker room has been closed and will stay closed for the
time being. Unfortunately, there were a couple of nights where the
locker room was left a mess with showers and the custodians had to say
something to us. It is unfortunate this had to happen because this
has never happened before to our team. It is either we lock the locker
room and keep out of it or we could lose our pool privileges.

3rd- Next week, diving is ONLY going to be Tuesday the 18th and
Wednesday the 19th nights.

4th- Lately, there have been a lot of parents on the pool deck. During
swim practice time, parents are to remain off the pool deck and up on
the balcony or out in the hallway. We do this so your swimmers can
stay focused. Plus it is not fair if one parent is on the deck, but
others are not. Thank you for your cooperation is this.

Have a nice week and NO PRACTICE ON WEDNESDAY (tomorrow)!

Meghan and Jamie