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Centennial Aquatic Club 2018-2019 season

posted Aug 11, 2018, 6:11 AM by CAC Webmaster
Hello everyone!

With August arriving and the focus slowly turning toward school, the coaches at CAC are ready for a new season and all that it has to offer!  This season there are a few changes to the program. First, the practice schedule is basically the same until the middle of November. Then, Tennent's pool is also being used by another program so our times and days change slightly. In addition, we are also encouraging an increase in the number of athletes taking part in USA Swimming. There are many benefits to adding this opportunity. Those benefits are outlined in the paperwork.  Finally, we are excited to announce that we were able to keep fees the same this season as well!

Attached to this email is all the necessary materials for the upcoming season! We are so excited to get back into the fall/winter swing of things. 
1. The CAC Program information PDF outlines all that the season has to offer including information about the different groups, practice times, and much more. One of the items outlined in there is the opportunity for USA Swimming. We have many meets that we have chosen that are close by and the chance to travel to a meet at West Chester University. Take a chance to check out the benefits of joining USA swimming!
2. In the CAC Parent Jobs 2018-2019 PDF, we have included all the possible jobs that a parent could have during a dual meet. It is important to keep in mind that an SAL dual meet could not run successfully without the help of parents volunteering. This form is also included in the Registration All Together form as well. 
3.The CAC Registration 2018-2019 ALL TOGETHER PDF has EVERYTHING in it. It has the registration form, fees, fundraisers, concussion form, parent volunteer forms, and volunteer safety form. 

If you need to purchase any items before the start of the season, we have a store within Swim Outlet. 

As season approached feel free to share the paperwork with anyone that might be interested in joining or trying out CAC. There is a tryout night for new athletes on Wednesday, September 12 from 6-7 @ William Tennent HS Pool. 

For registration purposes, you will want to complete the CAC Registration 2018-2019 ALL TOGETHER DOCUMENT and submit the following pages with your registration to CAC at 147 Newtown Road Warminster, PA 18974 or they can be brought to the pool on the 12th.

Suit and clothing information will be sent out soon!

Thank you,
Meghan & Jamie