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Survey responses

posted Feb 12, 2018, 10:04 AM by CAC Webmaster

Good morning all,

Thank you to those who responded to the email survey. We really appreciate your positive words and suggestions. We, as a coaching staff, will be meeting this week to go over what was reported back to us and will be discussing ways to improve.Then, the next course of action is to implement the changes and share the ways we look forward to making CAC the best it can be! 

What I would like everyone to realize is that not everyone is perfect, including the coaches. As in life, there is always room to improve and better ourselves.  Change does not happen over night; sometimes it is beyond our control, as we are renters of the school district.  

Understand that I pour my heart and soul into this program and the swimming community, even though some of you may not feel that way.  We want CAC to be successful and know it will take everyone working together to make that happen. 

Thanks for a nice season and we look forward to the team party on March 6th.

Information regarding the spring clinic and HS training group will be available right before the banquet. 

Thank you,