Star Athletes

Swimmer/Diver of the Meet

After each SAL dual meet the CAC coaching staff will choose an athlete to recognize for either EXTRAordinary performance and/or for being the best ambassador of CAC Swimming & Diving.

Athletes of the Meet for the 2018-2019 Season

Meet #7 vs CBST

Dive Team

Jordan Rank

She did four of her best dives of the season on Saturday! She’s made great progress this year and put it all together for her last meet of the season.

Boys Team

Logan McNamee and Shane Hubbard

Logan has been working hard all season on his dive. He started first form the side, then moved up to the block and this week, he had amazing dives!!!! Good work Logan! Shane swam his first 200 fly ever during the 200 free race. Swimming fly isn’t easy, let alone a 200. Way to go Shane!

Girls Team

Alyssa Vargas and Kelley Spellman

Kelley Spellman swam strong in her swims and had really good races. It is always nice having the HS swimmers at the meets. Alyssa Vargas had a great meet. She swam really strong in her relays and butterfly race. She had a very exciting 50 butterfly, touching out the girl next to her. Good work Alyssa!

Meet #6 vs PR

Boys Team

The 10 & under boys!!

Coach Karen could not talk highly enough about the 10 under boys and how well they did cheering throughout the entire meet. Luke, Justin, KC, Daniel and Logan all cheered each other on throughout the entire meet, even if they swam the same races!

Girls Team

Ava Fichter and Christine McLaughlin

Ava had a phenomenal meet against Pennridge. She swam an incredible 100 free, where she was able to touch out the other swimmers from PR and then had an awesome swim in her relay as well! Christine McLaughlin was movinggg in the meet versus PR. She did a great job in her 50 free as well as her freestyle relay. Great job girls!

Meet #5 vs LM

Dive Team

Emily Moran

All of the 12-14 divers had a great meet for diving! Emily Moran scored her highest score yet! Way to go Emily.

Boys Team

Casey Pickford

Casey Pickford swam his first legal breaststroke and 100 IM in the dual meet this weekend, which is something he has been really looking forward to. KC did an amazing job!

Girls Team

Grace Sabara & Rosemary Green

Grace Sabara had an awesome meet. She had great swims in every event she swam in. Rosemary Green did a lot of pep talking with younger swimmers. She cheered enthusiastically and led cheers for the team. And she even swam the 100 fly by herself which is definitely not her favorite event, even though she chose it to challenge herself!!! Awesome job girls!

Meet #4 vs CORE

Dive Team

Chris Laub

Chris Laub has been a wonderful mentor for all the younger divers. He sets a fabulous example during practice and meets. Cheering everyone, from each team throughout the meet and encouraging divers before each dive. He’s also shown willingness to try new dives, even when he admits they are a little scary, and has added several new dives to his long list of accomplished dives. Last night he did both a reverse dive pike and an inward one and a half which were both new and will be great additions to his High School list

Boys Team

Ethan Kreminskiy, Daniel Mogilevsky and Mason Dean

Ethan Kreminskiy had his first meet and he did great. Daniel Mogilevsky killed it in all of his events. His 100 free and 50 fly were beautifully swum with awesome turns and finishes. Mason Dean swam an awesome 100 free, 50 free, and even stepped up to swim the unlimited boys free relay.

Girls Team

Alyssa Vargas and Anya Catoni

Alyssa Vargas had a fantastic meet dropping over 3 seconds in the 100 IM and 1.5 in the 50 fly as well as contributing to the 9-10 girl relays! Anya Catoni swam two different events this meet and performed well coming from behind to the 13-14 100 Fly and also swimming a very solid 100 back effort.

Meet #3 vs CR

Boys Team

For the younger boys, our swimmer of the meet was Bryan Patterson. Bryan competed in his first meet after graduating from preteam and showed improvement throughout! He made sure to get his arms out of the water during his 2nd freestyle event and overall had a good time! Nice work Bryan and welcome to the big team! For the older boy swimmers, we have Drake Petsos earning swimmer of the meet. Drake completed his first 200 freestyle on the team for CAC and did so well! He has been listening great in practice working on not breathing in or out of his turns and not breathing on his finishes. Way to go Drake!!

Girls Team

For the younger swimmers of the meet, it is Emilie Tran because she did great in breaststroke and her freestyle keeps getting stronger! Keep working hard Emilie! For the older girl swimmers, it is Emma Torok. Emma completed her first fly event in a meet, in fact she did the 100 fly. Then she went on to swim the 200 IM all with a smile on her face. Good work Emma!

Meet #2 vs DCAA

Boys Team

The younger boys swimmers of the meet are Justin Bui and Logan O'Brien. Justin swam in his first meet ever after graduating from preteam and did a great job! Logan has been working incredibly hard in practice and it is showing in his efforts in the meet. He had great finishes, which we worked on in practice! The older boys swimmer of the meet is Xavier Pagan. Xavier was a great teammate cheering everyone on during the meet and helping out some of the younger swimmers. Great job boys!

Girls Team

First, the coaches wanted to shout out to the 12 & under girls, especially Alyssa Kunz and Emily Moran for stepping up and swimming more events than they needed to. The younger girls swimmer of the meet is Adrianna Girsh for completing her first legal 100 IM. She did a great job reviewing it many times before she swam it and rose to the occasion! The older girls swimmer of the meet is Grace Pickford. Grace did an amazing job in EVERY race not breathing in or our of her turns and not breathing on her finishes. Way to go Grace!

Meet #1 vs PENN

Dive Team

Greg Moore

Greg competed in his first diving meet after learning several new dives this week. He was able to compete in both the 12-14 and 15 and over competitions.

Boys Team

Dominic DiLello and Ben Newman

For the younger boy swimmers, our athlete of the meet is Dominic DiLello. Dom loves to be silly, but he did a great job when it came time to focusing on his events at the meet and did a great job as a returning swimmer to keep improving. For the older boys, we have Ben Newman as our swimmer of the meet. Ben placed first in the 100 free and the 50 for the 11-12 boys age group. Great swimming Ben!

Girls Team

Juliette Faulk and Erica Sims

For the younger swimmers, our swimmer of the meet was Juliette Faulk. This was her first meet and she did a phenomenal job swimming her races. She placed first in her heat in both of her individual races. Way to go Juliette! For the older girl swimmers, our swimmer of the meet was Erica Sims. Erica is new the team but not to swimming. Her experience definitely showed in the meet as she did a great job in her swims. Good work Erica!