Centennial Athletics Community Association

All dependent on the level of transmission & all based on the Centennial School District Health & Safety Plan



  • Masks must be worn in and out of practice

  • Storage bags are recommended for athletes to put their mask in when not wear due to water and not wanting to get the mask wet

  • Coaches will wear masks according to the current safety plan guidelines


Dropping Off:

  • All will enter through the one main door of the pool and exit through the double side doors of the pool

  • Parents can walk athletes in/out of practice

  • Unfortunately, due to the current level of transmission and safety plan, no parents are allowed to stay during practice.

  • PreTeam: Athletes will place their stuff on the right width side of the pool.

  • Blue Group: 6 pm practice athletes will place their stuff on the left length side of the pool benches based on entry. 

  • Diving: Athletes will place items down by the diving board on the left side of the pool

  • Orange Group: Athletes will place items down on the right side of the pool. 



  • Attendance will be taken each practice and will note what lane each child is in.



  • Swimmers should wear their bathing suits under their clothes when entering and exiting of the pool area for practice

  • No locker rooms will be open

  • One bathroom will be open in the pool area

  • If you need to change in or out of your suit, must be done in the hallway bathrooms up by the cafeteria



  • All equipment must be individual and stored in a bag. 

  • Each athlete must have their own fins and snorkel (depending on group). Each swimmer MAY have their own kickboard, but if not, that can be shared and will be cleaned after each use. It is recommended to have their own kickboard to be able to label it. 



  • Each lane can have a maximum of 4 swimmers at one end. If there is more than 4 swimmers, swimmers will split between the shallow and deep end. 

  • If there is a need, swimmers can also start from the middle of the pool.

  • For outside of the pool, athletes will need to stand apart 6 feet when not wearing a mask (this includes diving).