Centennial Athletics Community Association (CAC)

In addition to our regular season dual meets, we offer the opportunity to participate in league sponsored Invitationals. There are several differences between a dual meet and an invitational:

  1. In a dual meet, CAC coaches choose the events athletes swim and there is no additional cost for the meet.
  2. In an invitational, athletes may choose their own events. It is a great opportunity for athletes to swim events they like best or to try new events.
  3. In an invitational, there is a cost for each event entered - usually $4.00 per event plus a $10 per swimmer coaching fee for the meet session entered.

This year we will be sending a CAC coach to an invitational if there are five or more athletes entered in a session... if there are not at least 5 or more athletes in that session we will contact you. Then, you decide if you are still going to attend the meet. We are doing this to be more cost efficient. There are several teams in the league that follow this procedure. Thanks for understanding.