Star Athletes

Swimmer/Diver of the Meet

After each SAL dual meet the CAC coaching staff will choose an athlete to recognize for either EXTRAordinary performance and/or for being the best ambassador of CAC Swimming & Diving.

Meet vs. NAAC on 01/11/2020

For the Blue team, it is Lana Lafferty. Lana really worked on improving her dive off by pushing off the diving blocks this past week. All her hard work really showed at the meet, where she had great dives an amazing 25 and 50 freestyle! For the Orange team, it is Adrianna Girsh. Adriana swam really well on Saturday. She really had some great races with her fly and IM. In her IM, she had a great finish!

For the Blue group, the swimmer of the meet is Colin Marx. Colin has drastically improved this whole season and has dropped so much time. This week, he swam up in the 10 & under free relay and did a great job starting off his relay team with a strong 50 free. For the Orange group, the swimmer of the meet is Andrew Mikhalev. Andrew really showed up on Saturday with a positive attitude and cheering for the whole team. His team spirit was remarkable to all of the coaches. He touched out NAAC to win his heat for breast stroke and had an amazing start to finish for 50 free.

Odd Age Meet on 01/05/2020

7 & under swimmers: For the girls, we have Sara Latona who placed 2nd in two of her events and swam a 50 free with the older swimmers. For the boys, Jaxon Smiley dropped 4 seconds in his 25 free, 7 seconds in his 50 free and almost 7 in his 25 back.

8-9 swimmers: For the girls, Sophia Juhas dropped crazy amounts of time this meet with 5 seconds in her IM and 5 seconds in her 50 back. For the boys, Logan O'Brien dropped time in every one of his events! He dropped 1 seconds in his 50 free, 1 second in his 50 breast, 1 second in his 100 IM and 3 seconds in his 50 back.

10-11 swimmers: For the girls, Brea DiSalvo had a great meet with great time drops! She dropped 7 seconds in her 100 free, 4 seconds in her 50 free, 3 seconds in her 50 breast, and 6 seconds in her 50 fly. For the boys, Colin Chapman dropped time in every single one of his events! He dropped a second in his 50 free, a second in 50 back, 3 seconds in his 50 fly, and 2 seconds in his 100 IM.

12-13 swimmers: For the girls, Emily Moran dropped almost 6 seconds in her 100 back and 1 second in her 50 free. For the boys, Colin Williams challenged himself and he completed a 200 IM for the first time in his life. He had so many of his teammates cheering him on and he did such a great job! He also dropped 3 seconds in his 50 free and 1 second in his 100 free.

Meet vs. CBST on 01/04/2020

For the divers, Robyn Feldman dove both age groups and significantly bettered her score repeating the same dives in the 15+ over age. After the meet she also learned her reverse dive!!

For blue group, the swimmer of the meet was Juliette Faulk. Juliette had great swims in all her events! She had a great lead off leg for her relay, came first in backstroke and an exciting come from behind win in the 100 IM. Good swimming Juliette! For orange group, Katie LaPlaunt is the swimmer of the meet. Katie had great team spirit throughout the meet, gathering other swimmers up to cheer. She placed first in breaststroke and had a great swim. Good work Katie!

For the blue group, Justin Bui is the swimmer of the meet. Justin had a phenomenal meet. He dropped a total of 24 seconds in his 3 individual events that he swam. The coaches also talked about how proud they were of Justin for completing his flip turns for each event! Way to go Justin! For orange group, the swimmers of the meet are Edwin Lurie and Greg Moore. Greg Moore rushed over from the diving meet and did a great job in his swimming events. He was a total team player on Saturday and dropped time in his 50 free. Edwin Lurie swam super fast in his events and looked great in the water. He kept his arms nice and long in freestyle which is something the coaches are always trying to get the athlete to do! Good job boys!

Meet vs LM on 12/7/19

Robin Feldman is new to the diving team this year and has been making great strides all season! This week, she completed her new back somersault. Good job Robin!

For the blue team, Manda Tran is the swimmer of the meet against LMSD. Manda moved up from preteam this year, and has been doing a great job ever since! Manda swam a 50 free all by herself in her heat and tried so hard throughout! Way to go Manda! For the orange team, the 12 & Under girls relay teams of Megan Catoni, Ava Latona, Alyssa Vargas, Izzy Juhas, and Alexa DiPaolo. Coach Cassie mentioned that all of the coaches at the girls meet talked about how hard the 12 and Under girls swam in their relays, that they had great relay starts and phenomenal finishes. Nice swimming girls!

For the blue team, Dakota Rovner is the swimmer of the meet this week! Dakota had great swims and a positive attitude the whole meet. He swam a great race in the 50 free. All week, he had been working hard on not taking a lot of breaths while racing, during practice and it showed! For the orange team, Bernie Fisher is swimmer of the meet. Bernie swam really well. It is never easy when a swimmer loses their goggle during a race. Bernie swam through adversity when he lost his goggles and still had a strong finish!

Meet vs CR on 11/23/19

Greg Moore is the diver of the meet. Greg had a super meet! He remembered to keep his feet together on all his entries!! Way to go Greg!

For the blue group swimmer of the meet it is Lana Lafferty. Lana is a strong 8 and under girl who swam up in the 10 and under freestyle relay. She was so nervous but was determined and swam great! For the orange swimmer of the meet it is Izzy Juhas because she did SO great in all of her events and she dropped time! Izzy's turns and finishes looked amazing, which is something the swimmers have been working hard on all week.

For the blue group swimmer of the meet, it is Vlad Zinjkewtisch. He swam hard in his 50 fly and 100 free. Vlad was a great teammate asking about teammates, making sure all of his buddies were in the right spot. For the orange group swimmer of the meet it is Drake Petsos. Drake swam really well at the meet! He had strong swims in the 100 back, 100 free and 200 free. Drake had a great attitude and is always positive.

Meet vs CORE on 11/16/19

For the blue team, Isabella Dirrado and Sophia Juhas are the swimmers of the meet. Isabella had an awesome butterfly race where she dropped a second and won the race! The coaches were also very happy that she did a great job of cheering for her teammates the whole meet. Sophia had an great 100 IM and really picked it up at the end of her races to have great finishes. For the orange team, Charley Vargas was our swimmer of the meet. Charley busted it out in her 200 IM to out touch her opponent, which she won as well as the 100 freestyle.

For the blue team, Adam Sims and CJ Bray are swimmers of the meet. Adam was positive the entire meet! He had amazing time drops including dropping 27 seconds in his 50 back and dropping 12 seconds in his 50 free. All the turn work in freestyle really paid off! For CJ, it was CJ first time swimming butterfly! After succeeding in practice on Friday night, we figured we'd give it a try the meet and he did so well! He also dropped 4 seconds in his 25 freestyle! For the orange team, Dylan Rovner killed it!! After being hurt last year and having to take the year off, Dylan is ready and back in action. He dropped 3 seconds in his 50 fly from last meet and had such a great finish in his relay! Dylan is such a great team player and brought it back for his relay!

Meet vs DCAA on 11/9/19

Girls Swimmers of the Meet: For Blue group, the swimmer of the meet is Annya Heinzerling. Annya did a great job of listening to stroke corrections for butterfly from her time in the relay to her individual swim. She tried her best to fix her kick in her stroke and it was a much improved swim!! For Orange group, the swimmer of the meet is Melissa Portman. Melissa was put in some tough events to swim including a 100 fly and a 200 IM for her first time swimming as a 13-14 under. She did a great job listening to stroke corrections from her 100 fly to 200 IM and the coaches saw such improvement in her swims! She did a great job pushing through and not complaining!

Boys Swimmers of the Meet: For Blue group, the swimmer of the meet is Myles Wright. This was Myles' first swim meet and he did a great job! Myles has some really good swims in all of his events, never stopped, and had an awesome attitude. He was always smiling throughout the whole meet. For the Orange group, the swimmer of the meet is Veer Patel. This was also Veer's first meet and he had some really good swims in all of his events. He had an awesome finish in his IM.