Centennial Athletics Community Association

Assistant Coach Meghan Reilly
Years on the Team: 6 years 
Experience: Meghan has been one of the head coaches for CAC for six years. She was a member of CAC for 14 years as an age group swimmer. Meghan swam college at LaSalle University. After college, she joined CAC as one of the assistants. In 2015, she became head coach along with Jamie Forlini. She is currently the head coach of the William Tennent High School swim team and is an assistant coach in the summertime at Manufacturers Golf and Country Club. 
Fun Fact: Meghan loves to play with her dog Ford in her free time!

 Assistant Coach: Geoff Boodey

 Years on the Team: First Year Coaching at CAC
 Experience: Geoff has been a Head Coach for Northampton country club for the past 6 summers. He   coached Council Rock South High School girls for 2 years. He was a member  of the Council Rock North   high school team and continued his career for 4 years at West Chester University
 Fun Fact: Geoff loves to go on long walks with his fiance and dog when he can!

 Assistant Coach: Josh Dupre

 Years on the Team: First year coaching CAC
 Experience: I gave lessons at CAC for three years and I also taught swimming at Kids First. I am life guard at Maple   Wood. I swam for CAC for 3 years and I swam for Tennent for 4 years. I am currently an electrical apprentice at   Hawke electrical. 
 Fun Fact: Josh loves swimming for USA Masters!

Assistant Coach: Christina Lafferty

Years on the Team: 2nd Year Coaching, but coached CAC for several years as a high school swimmer at Tennent. 
Experience: Christina has been a former CAC Assistant Swim Coach for the past, running swim season. She dedicated most of her childhood in the pool for nearly 16 years swimming in programs such as CAC, Germantown Academy, NRG, YMCA, and Warrington Swim Team. She is a former CAC swimmer-alumni who swam for 13 years under Jamie and Lisa Forlini, has participated in US Swimming and is alumni of William Tennent High School Swim Team. During those 13 years, she has helped coach the CAC program and has been a lifeguard/swim instructor at various facilities such as Maplewood Swim Club and High Point (Philadelphia Sports Club). 
Fun Fact: Christina works full-time as a software engineering manager at Comcast. She has a daughter who swam for CAC in 2019-2020 and has another daughter hoping to try out for CAC this year.

Assistant Coach: Sean O'Neill

Years on the Team: 2nd year coaching
Experience:  This is Sean’s third year as an assistant coach with CAC, his first being the 2019-2020 season. He was an age group swimmer for CAC, US Swimming and Maplewood Swim Club for 12 years in addition to swimming under Jamie and Lisa Forlini at William Tennent High School from 2006-2010.
Fun Fact:  Sean used to work for Disney World at Animal Kingdom and Old Key West Resort!

Assistant Coach: Morgan Sprenkle

Years on the Team: 2nd Year
Experience: Morgan has coached for the team for one year. Morgan swam for the Navy Swim Team in the summers from the time she was 10 to the summer after high school. She is currently one of the assistant coaches for the William Tennent High School swim team. 
Fun Fact: Morgan loves Disney and running, frequently combining the two loves at RunDisney events. She has participated in 4 race weekends to date.