Welcome to Centennial Aquatic Club

Update as of March 23rd, 2021: Unfortunately, we are still not allowed in the pool at WTHS. The school district is still not allowing outside groups to use the indoor facilities.

To all CAC members:

As you all know, COVID-19 has had a major impact on all of our lives, whether it be through work, your child's schooling, going to the grocery store, sports, and much more. When it comes to Centennial Aquatic Club and swimming, there have been many factors that have impacted us as a club because of COVID-19. The League that Centennial is a member of, the Suburban Aquatic League, has decided to not have an official 2020-2021 season. Another area we are impacted in, is when it comes to USA Swimming. USA Swimming will not be hosting any meets, teams will be expected to complete their own "virtual" meets and report the times back to the governing LSC. In order for a virtual meet to occur, the pool must have been deemed qualified to be a competitive USA swimming pool ahead of time. With that being said, our pool at WTHS is not considered qualified. Lastly, with the school district having classes start virtually until the second marking period, the building will remain closed to outside groups.

After many board meetings, discussing the future of the club this fall, decisions had to be made. Due to all of those reasons listed above and financial reasons, Centennial Aquatic Club has decided to postpone the start of its Fall 2020 season until we are able to get into the WTHS safely building to start practice. As of now, the school district has decided that the earliest we will be back in school is November 11th, 2020. AT aht time, we will reassess and meet as a board to hopefully get us back in the pool. If the school district pushes the timeline back for virtual schooling, we will meet again as a board.

Thank you for your patience as everyone works through COVID-19 and the constraints we deal with,

Meghan, John and the CAC Board

If you need to purchase any items for the season, we have a store within Swim Outlet.